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Ready to Sing/Play?

Our Arrangement Coordinator, Josh Feintuch, walks you through how to add your voice to our choir.

First things first: go to our MUSIC PAGE to download recordings and sheet music for these two songs. Then follow the detailed instructions below:

Here’s What You Need to Know:

1. Equipment

You will need two devices (it could be two phones, a phone and a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, etc.) One of these devices will let you play the song (playback device) so you can sing/play along. The other one will let you record yourself singing/playing (recording device.) You will also need earphones or headphones, which you will connect to the playback device.

2. Rehearsal – pick a part that works for you and practice, practice, practice! If you haven’t already, go to our MUSIC PAGE to find recordings and sheet music

  • The Internationale  – our version of The Internationale is three verses and three choruses. 
    • Verses – we will sing 3 verses, featuring singers in many different languages. We invite you to sing in the language of your choice, SINGING ONLY MELODY on the verses.
    • Choruses and ending – we ask ALL singers to sing with us IN ENGLISH. 
    • Choose a vocal part that best suits your voice, (if you just want to sing the tune, choose the soprano part and sing in a range that is comfortable for you)
    • We are also asking for orchestral instrumentalists to record parts! The music page includes a folder of instrumental sheet music, and a backing track geared toward instrumentalists.

El Pueblo Unido – everyone will sing the entire song IN SPANISH/EN ESPANOL. Choose a vocal part that best suits your voice, listed from LOWEST to HIGHEST, or sing the main part in a range comfortable for you. 

3. (Optional): Attend our rehearse and record session on Monday, April 20th at 7pm ET. Follow this Zoom link!

4. Recording – Once you have chosen a part, and you are ready to record yourself, follow these steps:

a) Do a quick test recording – Just record yourself singing loudly for a few seconds. Play it back. Does it sound good or did it get distorted? If the sound is distorted, you might need to stand a bit further back from the camera/microphone.

b) Get your devices ready – Make sure you have your ear/headphones plugged in to your playback device. Play the song on your playback device. SMILE! Start recording on your recording device (make sure to hold it horizontally). 

c) Start singing/playing! – The conductor will guide you through clapping at the start of the song (to help us to synchronize the videos later)

d) Record the song –  Video-record the ENTIRE song. Don’t worry about small mistakes!

e) When the song ends, hold still and smile for a second, before stopping the video!

5. Send us your video no later than Wednesday, April 22nd at 11:59PM!

  • Email it to us at
  • Make sure to note which part you sung/played, and which song you are sending (if only sending one)
  • Trouble sending? Try using Google Drive or WeTransfer

6. You’re ready! Thank you! We will edit you into our virtual chorus. This final video will be released and streamed as part of an online gathering on Friday, May 1st, where money will also be raised to support immigrant communities in New York. 

Questions or Challenges? Whether you need musical help learning your part, or technical help with the recording, just email us at

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