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Virtual Choir IntroInstructions – Music

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In this post, you will find all of the music resources that singers and orchestral instrumentalists need to prepare and record for our May Day Virtual Choir. Remember that we must receive your video submission by Wednesday, April 22nd at 11:59PM.

Sheet Music Files:

Please find links to sheet music, including lyrics, here:

Vocal sheet music

Instrumental sheet music (The Internationale only)

El Pueblo Unido (just lyrics)

Recording Files:
  • The Internationale  – our version of The Internationale is three verses and three choruses. 
    • Verses – we will sing 3 verses, featuring singers in many different languages. We invite you to sing in the language of your choice, SINGING ONLY MELODY!
    • Choruses – The chorus begins with the line “It’s the final conflict …”. We ask ALL singers to sing the chorus with us 3 times IN ENGLISH.
    • This arrangement also includes an ending. The links below will help you learn how to sing the ending for your voice part.

Need Help? Reach out to us here:

Don’t forget to head back to the Instructions page for more info on how to record, and how to submit your files to us!

Popular Recordings:

If you’re not familiar with either of these songs, we recommend listening to these recordings.

The Internationale in several languages – 

El Pueblo Unido –

2 thoughts on “Virtual Choir Music

  1. ¿Is there anywhere I can hear the chorus of this version of the internationale in english?

    I’m a spanish speaker and I’m having trouble singing the chorus in english, I have not been able to get the timing right, and I can’t read sheet music so it doesn’t really help.


    1. Hey Jose! I apologize that we are just now seeing this post! We hope you figured it out and we hope you’ll tune in to our livestream tonight, where we will be debuting both songs! Feel free to reach out to us at OR follow us on Facebook at SingSolidarity!


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